Dear Supporters,

The above quote was spoken by Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh in A.A. Milne’s classic book “Winnie the Pooh”. These are the words we want you to help us instill in children living with a traumatic brain injury, and in their parents and caregivers.

Since 2005 you have been supporting the Kensington Foundation! We are grateful! Your generosity has already helped fund many donations to pediatric rehabilitation care in hospitals and outpatient facilities right here in Ventura County. You have already made a difference! We continue to work towards our long-term goal of providing a place where parents and their children who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can heal, grow, and learn together without worry of the cost or time.

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a slow and difficult process.  It takes bravery and strength! People caring for their loved ones need help. This is where you come in!

The Kensington Foundation is proud to announce a brand new program! This program is key in moving the Kensington Foundation forward in its mission and goals! Partnering with the Brain Injury Center of Ventura County and Los Robles Hospital, The Kensington Foundation is now able to provide support and education for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury and their families and caregivers. This ground-breaking program, never before done in Ventura County, will teach families to be braver, stronger and smarter! And help their children reach their maximum potential! But we cannot do it without you!

Your donation to the Kensington Foundation will pay for trained professionals to teach parents, caregivers and people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury how to adapt and recover. They will learn new self-care skills as well as emotional and behavioral regulation, and other skills which will help them assimilate back into their lives.

The cost of the entire program for six months is only, $5,000. Your gift to this innovative program will allow us to continue to change lives.  Please consider sponsoring this new and excellent opportunity! 

Any gift, large or small, will make a difference in the lives of families in Ventura County! Or consider becoming a monthly supporter by going to our website www.kensingtonfoundation.org. Your support is essential to the children affected by a traumatic brain injury.

Please send your gift in the enclosed envelope, or donate online at www.kensingtonfoundation.org.

Our sincerest thanks for your generous support!

Brian K.  Whittaker
Chairman of the Board
The Kensington Foundation, Inc.


P.S.  This program is a huge step forward for The Kensington Foundation’s mission of providing compassionate pediatric rehabilitation in Ventura County.  Your gift is moving pediatric rehabilitation in Ventura County forward, and giving the families of Ventura County hope!